#AmazonFresh or Amazon Pantry -> Either way, I’m sold

Does AMAZONFRESH save you money?

The short story is yes.

I love shopping online.  I love being able to search for something and finding that thing…  Let’s face it, the grocery store sucks.  The best priced items are on the lowest shelf, and because each store setup is different, it’s hard to find exactly what we want.  Amazon Fresh is different.  You can look for a specific peanut butter or you can look for Organic, nonGMO peanut butter and see what’s available.  I LOVE THAT!  But does that save you money?  Yeah. Because you can clearly see ALL of your options and what they cost.  It makes it easier to decide whether you want to buy it or whether you’re buying the best choice.

Second, for me personally, shopping online ALWAYS saves me money, because I’m a SUCKER for product placement.

I’m the person the “endcaps” are made for.  When I go to the grocery story I have to avert my eyes from any flashy sign, display or “bargain” because I can’t help myself, and before I know it… my cart is loaded up and I’m $200.00 in the hole.

So, Yeah… shopping online helps me.

EVEN if I’m persuaded by the big discount for products I’m buying AND Even if I add 5 loaves of bread to my shopping cart because the price is so good and I can just put 4 in the freezer… before I click the “check out” button, I KNOW what my total amount is.  I decide whether I want to spend $200, or whether I want to change some of the quantities.  If I only wanted to spend $150, I can release some of those loaves and other big discounted items back into the wild.  So, yeah, that helps me save money.

How is Amazon Fresh different from offers like: Shoprite “shop from home” or Stop N Shop “Peapod”?

I remember the day I found out about the “shop from home” feature of my local Shoprite.  My daughters were all under the age of 5.  There I was, single parent, working 1 or 2 jobs, driving to and fro and bring my kids with me everywhere, including shopping every week.

One day I found out about Shoprite “Shop from Home” and this one thing became easier and it felt like it really made my life so much easier.

If you’ve never heard of it, in a nutshell, for a $10.00 fee, you grocery shop online, and a Shoprite Personal shopper will pull all of the items in your shopping cart, ring them up… then bring them out to your car while you wait.  (they also offer delivery, which is more expensive, and if memory serves, there is a 4 hour delivery window)

Now, 5 years later, this feature is so popular that if you don’t place your order a day in advance you may not be able to schedule the pickup in a timeframe that works.

AND… my beloved local shoprite moved and became a HUGE MEGA shoprite.. with all of my “friendly personal shoppers” replaced by human looking robots who act like they’re doing me a favor, instead of doing the job they were hired to do … ALSO, I used to just pull up and someone would come out, ask my name, then wheel out my groceries. NOW, You have to find parking, go into the store, find someone that isn’t in a personal conversation that can’t be interrupted for a customer, (just a little bitter but I’m working through it) and well, the whole process is longer and more stressful and difficult and no longer worth the $10.00. (unless I’m really in hurry and have so much do to that weekend I can’t go shopping)

Amazon Fresh is different.  It delivers.  It delivers for free if the order is over $35.00.  Yes, there’s a monthly fee… but it’s only $14.99.  Remember, it was $10.00 for the Shoprite Shop from Home PICK UP… Each time… this is $14.99 a month, and as long as I shop over $35.00 each time… Free Delivery.  (I’m in heaven)


Right now, you can join for 30 days FREE!  I KNOW! Amazon Fresh
Shop Amazon – Introducing Prime Pantry – Everyday Essentials in Everyday Sizes

You are going to LOVE THIS!!!!









Free to try for 30 days

ONLY $14.99 a month afterwards

So, initially I was like… hmmmm  $14.99 a month, that seems like a lot for something that I don’t always use… EXCEPT… EVERY time I shop from home at Shoprite it’s $10.00 AND I have to go pick my stuff up at the store, I have to find parking, then wait for them to put my order in the cart, then wheel it out to the car … and AMAZON has FREE DELIVERY TO MY DOOR STEP for orders over $35.00.

My test results are as follows:

#1) they had most of what I wanted with only 1 exception.

#2) the prices were on par with my local Shoprite however, Aldi’s was still MUCH better price wise (but Aldi’s doens’t offer any deliveyr or personal shopping so it’s not fair to compare)

#3) I scheduled my delivery for 7am.  So, tomorrow morning, when I’m just pouring my first cuppa joe, I’ll walk out to my front stoop and there… on the lovely concrete will be my AmazonFresh Order.  (I HOPE)

If you’re interested in giving it a try… click this link to go right to the Amazon Fresh Page: Amazon Fresh


4 thoughts on “#AmazonFresh or Amazon Pantry -> Either way, I’m sold

  1. I think that it’s really convenient to know the price before you pay (not like when you go to the store where you now the total price only at the end). That way you can be in control of what you are buying!
    I love this article!

  2. Wow, quite a few deals on this page. I live in Alberta, Canada, and we do not have this kind of availability in my town. I would love to order my groceries and have them delivered. What a great time saver. Thank for the information.

  3. I didn’t know that you could actually grocery shop online in this fashion. So is everything fresh as it would be if you went and got it yourself? I remember as a kid they use to have some neighborhood stores you could call and they would bring it. Talking about a blast from the past but with more technology. Nice info.

  4. Thanks for this amazing article! Your insight about Amazon fresh and amazon pantry is simply amazing. I like how Amazon fresh allows you to sign up for free for the first 30 days. I’m glad you found them to work better (and offer much more benefits) than the other programs you mentioned. I’ll be jumping on this wagon asap and trying them out! Thanks a lot.

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